Hudson Staffing’s Top 10 Tips

woman-hand-smartphone-deskTop 10 Tips Hudson Staffing’s Recruiters Want You to Know!

Recently, I came across this great article, outlining the top 10 tips for using a staffing firm.  Each staffing firm is a little different, each has their own procedures, policies, and niches.  We thought it’d be beneficial and fun to give you our top 10 tips for working with us here at Hudson Staffing!

1. Our services are free for applicants! One of the common misconceptions is that applicants need to pay a fee for our services. Hudson Staffing is a GREAT resource for job seekers, because it is free for them!  And since we work with multiple companies, it really cuts down on the amount of time you need to spend searching; applicants typically have the opportunity to actually pick from a few different jobs (if they are flexible). The positions we have available are typically better paying than most retail or entry level jobs, and the hours are steady and predictable- you know when you’re going to be working, as opposed to a schedule that changes week by week.

2. We can help you find permanent employment. In fact, a large portion of our positions are temp-to-hire!  That means as long as your attendance and work ethic are in good standing, you can be hired on after working with a company for a trial period.  The number of hours you must work before you qualify varies by company, but it’s typically around 3 months.

3. We really can get you working by tomorrow. It’s not just a catch phrase.  What will help you get started quicker?  Being prepared (see #5)!  Of course, every company has different prescreening requirements, so not all of our positions start immediately, but a lot of them do!  The next two tips will help you start working sooner.

4. Keep an open mind. If you restrict yourself regarding pay, position, hours, etc., that narrows the pool of positions we can offer you. If you keep an open mind, you can get placed with a company and after a short time of proving yourself, you can quickly be hired on and possibly be moved around in the company. Many of our companies offer raises and great benefit packages once you’re hired on permanently as well!  If you have an open mind and listen to the details of the job opportunities we have, you may just find your dream position!

5. Come prepared. It looks best when a candidate comes in with plenty of time to fill out an app, they have a resume, and they are ready to work. Make sure you know your work history; it becomes difficult to place you if you don’t know when or where you’ve worked.  Bring 2 forms of ID with you, and bringing a resume can help speed up the process of getting you placed, particularly for our skilled and higher paying positions.  We are always willing to help update resumes or tailor them to specific positions if needed.

6. Plan on being interviewed. Schedule at least an hour of your time to complete the application and the interview.  Our recruiters do their best to get to know you and understand what you really want in a position.  The process may take longer because set-up procedures vary by company.

7. Keep distractions to a minimum. We know that smart phones can be very useful when filling out an application, but please silence or turn down the volume on your phone when you come in.  If you need to take a call while you’re filling out the application, please do so quietly, or step outside.  Also, since we do conduct an interview and often provide orientation to applicants, it benefits everyone if you come in alone or only with others that are also applying.  It makes it difficult for recruiters to get to know an applicant when the applicant’s family or friends are talking to them while the recruiter is trying to interview them or if the other person is trying to answer questions for you.

8. We are your advocate. We’re here to represent you.  Listing all of your education and skills on the application and explaining any gaps in employment helps us to present you as a potential fit for our companies.  Being honest and upfront about anything that may be considered is also important.

9. Communication is key. If you’re going to be late or need to reschedule an appointment with us, please contact us immediately.  If you have concerns with an assignment that you’ve been placed at, please let us know so that we can work with the company to find a solution.

10. You can work with any of our 3 offices! We have offices in Hudson, Amery, and New Richmond!  All of our offices have access to the same information regarding positions available, and all of our offices are able to help you find the job you’re looking for.  Stop into any one of our offices or apply now!


Thanks to all of the Hudson Staffing Recruiters for giving great tips for this article!