5 Tips for Filling Out Applications

Have you ever wondered what the Staffing Specialists look for when you fill out an application at Hudson Staffing?  Well, we asked…

Here are 5 tips from our Staffing Specialist’s regarding filling out your application.

1.Fill out the application in its entirety

Work history is one of the very first things we review on your application.  Make sure to fill out the Work History portion of the application in its entirety being attentive of dates, work performed, where it was at, and the reason you are no longer there.  It’s also beneficial to know if you have worked through a staffing agency in the area as well, many companies use multiple agencies for staffing purposes.  We also need to know what type of work you are looking for; this helps our recruiters find the best placement for you based on experience.

The skills portion of the application helps your recruiter find employment that you will be suited for.  Hudson Staffing has varieties of positions throughout the year.  If there are skills you possess not noted on the application, please be sure to mention them during your interview with your Staffing Specialist.

2.Be honest

There are policies and guidelines we have to follow with our companies we staff for.  Some of our companies have certain requirements that your specific skill set or background may or may not be what they are entirely looking for.  We also have many companies that require a background check and omitting a hiccup in your past may rule you out for any jobs at Hudson Staffing, it’s better to be honest than having us find out you intentionally left out information.  Be candid if a position we offer doesn’t sound like a good fit for you, we would rather find out before placing you as opposed to a few days down the road.

3.Bring a Resume

More and more companies are requiring to view a resume prior to proceeding with an employment offer.  Bringing an updated and current resume when you apply will help expedite the interview and placement process.  A resume will also assist you in completing your application quickly and accurately.

4.Take Your Time

Be sure to allow enough time to complete the application.  The application itself can take about half an hour and the interview can take an additional half an hour as well.  Also plan for additional time if we place you somewhere right away because there will be additional paperwork and policies.  We recommend planning on at least an hour with us.

5.Ask Questions

If a question or policy has you confused, don’t hesitate to ask about it!  The Staffing Specialists are here to help you through the employment process.  If a job interests you that we have offered, ask as many questions as you wish and we will try our best to answer them as accurately as we can.


We look forward to you applying with us!!!