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Welcome to Hudson Staffing

Are you looking for a job but haven’t had much success with the potential positions that you’ve applied for? If the answer is yes, then our executive employment recruiters in Hudson, New Richmond, and Roseville, MN. will help you find the perfect job. Hudson Staffing has helped many people find jobs they love successfully. Whether you’re just entering the workforce or looking for a career change, we want to help you find a job that fits your lifestyle.

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Why Choose Hudson Staffing

We have job recruiters in Hudson, New Richmond, and Roseville who know their way around in almost every industry, helping people find work in a variety of jobs. Our company focuses on helping you find a job that meets your needs. Whether it’s part-time, full-time, short term, or long term work, we help our candidates find positions that are in line with their skills. We strive to get to know our candidates, so we can put them in jobs where they will succeed.

Our team members only want what’s best for your career. We also give you the freedom to choose the shifting schedule, salary range, and job duties. From temporary staffing to permanent placements, we do it all. What more can you ask for?

The Benefits of Staffing Agencies to Job Seekers

  1. Speed – Our recruiters can help you find a job fast. We have connections with businesses in different industries, allowing us to network and recommend the job seekers who passed our criteria. Most of our candidates start working the next day! Our staffing company doesn’t only fill positions, but also makes sure that both employers and employees will be a good match in the long run.
  2. Free – We believe that job hunting shouldn’t be a costly process, so we don’t charge any fee to our job seeker candidates. We have built solid relationships with many trusted companies. Let our recruiters find exactly what you are looking for!

Find the right job for you today. Contact us, so we can gather your data and put them in our database. Who knows, an employer might call for an interview and let you start working after only a couple of days.

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