Job hunting in the post Covid world.

Post Covid job hunting – A different world!

It is a different job world now after the Covid epidemic. It is harder to find work as employers are being very picky, looking at employees as an investment instead of disposable. Wages have gone up but so have hiring requirements. Manufacturers and employers have learned to get by with less employees, better employees. This means they are looking for the best employees. They have changed hiring criteria and value different qualities that just 3 years ago they would not have looked at.

What are employers are now looking for :

Longevity! First and foremost employers are demanding longevity. They are looking for at least 1-3 years at each past position and company. Less than this and companies are interviewing these employees last above those with longevity. Prospective employers are now checking with past employers to see how employees behaved, attendance, and work ethic. Job Jumpers or employees that jump from company to company every 6-9 months are no longer being considered by most employers.

Experience! They are looking for experience of at least 6+ months to a year in each position. They are willing to pay more for those with great experience. Employers are looking to spend less time and money on training. They are looking for great candidates with basic experience that will easily understand so they can skip the beginning basic training.

Great attendance! Employers are looking for great attendance and being on time! Employers are tired of late arrivals, absenteeism and people who do not take their jobs seriously. Absence affects the entire production line! If someone is absent with no notice, Managers are forced to hurry to shift people to try to keep the production lines moving as scheduled. Some days they are forced to shut down entire production lines due to absences. They are no longer keeping or hiring employees that are late constantly or have excessive attendance issues. Many employers are now suspending employees for extensive attendance issues and then terminating.

Overtime! They are looking for candidates that are willing to work overtime! They would rather pay dedicated employees Overtime rather than hire more employees and paying less.

Now how do you get a foot above the other applicants? Great resume, Great Interview, Great references, & thank you!

Resume! Take care and complete a great resume! List your skills and training, everyone can multi task or work in a group or promise to be a quick learner. List examples of your skills, sell yourself! Do not include why you left your previous positions. Listing poor management, termination, poor attendance- these will close any doors the rest of your resume may have opened. Do not include why you are changing yourself or starting fresh. Do not include personal stories about your life. These things do not belong on resume! A resume should reflect your skills, your experience, brief job descriptions highlighting your talent, and training.

References and cover letter! Do not list references on your resume, they belong on a separate reference page which will include personal and professional references. Include full name, email address and phone number. Include a cover letter if possible explaining why you want the position and why you are a good fit. We are happy to help you create these items.

Interview! Interviews will make or break your opportunities. Before your interview make sure you know where you are going. Be early, well groomed, clean clothes, do not eat or drink or speak on the phone while waiting. Sell yourself! Be on your best behavior, do not swear, interrupt, or speak too much about yourself. Overselling yourself or bragging does not work and may even put you in a bad light. Answer their questions clearly, tell them about your achievements, experience, extensive training make eye contact! Do not speak poorly about past employers, criminal background, how much work you miss and why, drug use, terminations. These things will close the door with most employers. Talk positively, ask questions during the tours, ask questions about expectations and company goals. Asking questions reflects interest! Thank them for seeing you and for their time!

Thank you! Email or leave voicemails thanking them for their time. If Hudson Staffing set up the interview, email a thank you to Hudson Staffing requesting we forward it to the company. Showing appreciation for the time they spent interviewing will set you apart.

Hudson Staffing has hand outs with resume and interview tips available! Ask our recruiters for help and advise! We are a resource that you can learn from. Give us a call today!